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Measure around the chest at the fullest point. Be sure to keep the tape straight across the back.
If applicable provide the standard bra cup size for the performer.
Taken at the natural waistline which is the the smallest section. Not necessary the belly button.
Measure around the fullest part of the buttocks.
From where the shoulder meets the arm, measure along the arm to the bend of the wrist.
Measure around the fullest point of the bicep.
Measure around the wrist at the widest part.
Measure starting at the level of the natural waist, along the outside of the leg to the oor.
Starting at the center of a shoulder, measure down the front of the torso, over the bust, through the crotch, over the buttocks and back up to the starting point.
Measure from the protruding bone at base of neck, down the back nishing at the level of the natural waist.
Please provide accurate height.
Please provide an accurate weight for each performer.