What is Odyssey Indoor Percussion?

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Independent Open Class WGI Percussion

Odyssey Indoor Percussion is an independent marching percussion ensemble that competes in the WGI and SCPA percussion circuit.

There are three different "Classes". A Class (Beginner Skills), Open Class (Intermediate Skills), and World Class (Advanced Skills). 

Competitions start in February, and finish with the World Championships in Dayton, Ohio in April. We typically have

We hold auditions in October, and rehearse every weekend after auditions. Saturdays we rehearse from 9am-10pm with breaks for lunch and dinner, and Sundays we rehearse from 9am-7pm. 

Members ages tend to range from 17-22. Members must not be over 22 years of age as of March 31st of the current season.

All members pay a fee that covers all instruction, entry fees, transportation of gear, flights and accommodations in Dayton, Ohio. 

Here are some links to the WGI website that go more in depth about the activity.


Here's a great article on the positive benefits of the WGI activity:


Our Philosophy

All the instructors and staff of Odyssey love what we do. We teach life skills through the instruction of music, and percussion techniques, and movement. We teach integrity, follow-through, responsibility, and character, without which, none of this matters very much.